The Book Perch

The Book Perch has a mission. We want to rehome much loved books and keep them on the move.
We believe that a book tells two stories; the one written inside the cover, and the one that travels with it from hand to hand. We want to honour the book’s journey as it moves from reader to reader.
Where will it fly to next?
Perhaps the book itself will have more adventures than the author imagined for their characters!
For some selected books we will be establishing a free track-back blog; this way we can see how far our little book-birds are reaching.

We are a donate, buy, swap, adopt venture that will rescue books that may otherwise end up going to the tip. If people have books to get rid of that they would prefer to rehome rather than discard, please let us know. We will try to send them on new quests and find someone else to love them.
People are also welcome to enclose a note about their part of the story with the book; how they came to read it or what they enjoyed about it. We’d love to have a review, or a recommendation of a book that would complement it.
We want to know how the book changed its reader!



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