Dregs – Doomed Feckwits


Includes everything in the Doom Week package plus a couple of high quality warning warning stickers*.
Useful for keeping idiots away from your desk.

*OK, that is marker pen. The typo p*ssed me off.

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This is an anthology that has been scooped out of a thought-jar with a very long spoon, then reassembled on a damp page.

It is a collection of short stories that explores everything from luggage-handling in the afterlife to suburban demons with delivery problems.
As you would expect, Death appears as an old friend. The things living under your bed need union representation. Most importantly, no-one told Effie about the “real” window seat.
Also included is a small selection of  poetry which tumbles variously from the hearts of a nine-year old Viking enthusiast, a bereaved daughter, and a person who eulogises for murdered trees.



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