Dregs – An anthology (Paperback)



A collection of things; none of which are related to anything else. 

Fantasy, fiction, poetry, shower thoughts, and speculation.
Something to make you think, smile, or put the kettle on.

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This is an anthology that has been scooped out of a thought-jar with a very long spoon, then reassembled on a damp page.

It is a collection of short stories that explores everything from luggage-handling in the afterlife to suburban demons with delivery problems.
As you would expect, Death appears as an old friend. The things living under your bed need union representation. Most importantly, no-one told Effie about the “real” window seat.
Also included is a small selection of  poetry which tumbles variously from the hearts of a nine-year old Viking enthusiast, a bereaved daughter, and a person who eulogises for murdered trees.

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  1. Dregs by Rachel Jones

    “A beautifully written and thought-provoking collection of short stories from an author that knows her stuff. She writes with an assurance and confidence that jumps from the page.

    Her style is humorous, and her sense of fun and intelligence shines through. Razor-sharp and observant, this author looks at life and records it in effortless prose that is a joy to read.

    With a background in care, the author draws on her experiences to produce the detail in the stories.

    A collection of short stories, this is the ideal book to have on your nightstand to dib in and out of and perfect for commuter travelling.

    I’ll be looking out for more from this lady in the future.”

    (Original review by Katherine Black can be found at BestBookEditors.com)

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