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Scott M. Baker

Something to get your teeth into

Author page: Scott M. Baker
Twitter Scott M. Baker

Scott is a talented teller of terrifying tales. He is amazingly prolific. He loves getting feedback on his books. He is a complete 1950’s monster/horror/sci-fi nerd (which is what makes him so special).
His works include; the Nurse Alissa vs the Zombies saga (a multi-book series), the Shattered World saga (young adult post-apocalypse fantasy series), The Vampire Hunters Trilogy, and The Rotter World trilogy.

Christopher Artinian

Something for all post-apocalyptic fans

Author page: Christopher Artinian
Facebook: Safe Haven Trilogy

Christopher Artinian lives somewhere out near the end of the world. Just keep going north from Scotland and you might find him.
Safe Haven: Rise of the Rams (2017), was the first instalment in a post-apocalyptic zombie series. There are currently twenty three books available in the Safe Haven universe, including the best-selling and award-winning sister series, The End of Everything.
His avid readers are eagerly awaiting the third book in The Burning Tree series.

C. A. Deegan

Fascinating, otherworldly Young Adult series.

Author page: The Cracklock Saga
Facebook: Cracklock Saga

C.A. Deegan is the author of the Cracklock Saga,
a young adult magical fantasy adventure,
You will fall in love with Dorcas, but don’t mess
her around!

R.T. Slaywood

You need to know two things, apparently:
1) He tweets satire and memes; he writes light and low fantasy in the form of sequenced flashed fiction.
2) Verrucae are type of wart.

His interests include:
1) Writing
2) Writing
3) Writing

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