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Rachel Jones is a real human being, despite there being some scientific evidence to the contrary.

Rachel’s passion for words began in early childhood. Her father crafted her a bed out of a bookcase. This magical place was where she first dreamt of writing her own stories.

She has published poetry and prose in different media around the world.

As would be expected, she is an active member of her local writers’ group in the Northern Territory, Australia.
Her preferred genre is comedic horror. She has yet to find anyone that wants to read it.

She is passionate about her current role as a nurse in a small town.
There are dogs, cats, and gnomes in her household who provide a source of inspiration for her writing.
Rachel is married to Steve, together they have a plan to fix the world.
There are still some seats available on that particular bus.

She suggests you bring a hat, just in case.

Rachel can be contacted at or you may find her just Twitting about @JonesyWriteNow

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This is what it sounds like in my head when I’m trying to write.
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